I am interested but how much does it cost?

Some of our programmes such as the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction have a standard programme length of 8 weeks. However many others can be tailored to your schools needs. When we speak with you we will help devise a programme that is both effective in terms of outcome and suit your budget.

How much time does it take to become skilled with mindfulness?

The short answer is you can learn mindfulness in one session but like all good and worthwhile things it can take a lifetime to discover its full rewards. So we approach mindfulness as a practice as it's less about mastering and more like discovering. Like all practice, the more you do the more skilled you become, and we can work with you to think through where you or your school are and what the next steps would be.

Is mindfulness just a fad? How do we know it really works?

There is now a considerable amount of research pointing to the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is certainly not a fad as its been practiced for thousands of years. Mindfulness in schools is relatively new however we have been teaching meditation to young people for 15 years and we are delighted to say we think it's here to stay.

I work in a school but budgets are tight and yet I know we really need a programme

First you can book a taster session. These are affordable one-off opportunities for you and your team to experience the benefits of mindfulness first hand.


If you are keen but your school cannot invest in a programme then we encourage you to participate in an 8 week mindfulness programme for yourself and then attend our 3 day mindfulness mentor training. We run these several times a year and they are a cost effective way for you to become skilled in mindfulness teaching.
We can then support you to introduce mindfulness in your school. With your head teachers permission of course!

How are you different from other providers?

Our clients tell us that they like our personal and friendly approach. We like to work in partnership with schools so that you find programmes and timescale that work for you. While we are flexible, we are also confident on what is most effective and can guide you on this.

We also live what we teach: we haven’t done a short course and are now passing information on to you. We have practiced what we teach over many years and our facilitators have an in-depth background working with young people and those who care for or teach them.

Got another Question?

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